The Hive
a gathering of digital storytellers, tastemakers & bloggers

Hello and welcome to The Hive

The Hive - a gathering of digital storytellers, tastemakers & bloggers is a yearly event, that brings together creative and like minded people to a fun weekend. Do you have a big blog or a smaller one, or perhaps you are more active on social media channels? Regardless what you call yourself, this event is for you


Speakers will inspire, share and give you advice, how you can make your blog better, bigger or prettier. We talk blogging for business, we talk blogging simply for fun. We talk about protecting your work and how your blog can support your work. The Hive provides the place to meet the people behind the blogs, you have been following. Offline and in person.


The program of The Hive is devided into three parts:
1. Presentations: Speakers take the stage to talk about various topics. Usually there are two presentations at the same time and attendees choose the one they like to attend.

2. Workshops: The workshop has to be chosen when buying the ticket. During the workshop attendees will get to try out or learn in smaller groups.

3. Brand Hour: This is unique at The Hive. The Brand Hour is a time slot booked by an agency, brand or company. The brand can use this time to try out products with attendees, discuss questions or brainstorm ideas and strategies. It is up to the brand to get the most of this time. These brand hours are very limited.


The Hive understands your passion for your blog. Because we feel the same way


Do you need more impressions?

Check out our Flickr Page and click yourself through our photos. Oh, the memories!

Have a look at our video from The Hive 2015, with interviews from attendees to give you an idea about our conference. The video was created by Kat Tan, it is five minutes well spend.