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The Hive brings together attendees and speakers from all over the World, who share their insights and expertise.

Since our speakers and the attendees are so diverse, you get ideas, inspiration and feedback from other countries, too.

Sometimes these topics are hands on, and sometimes they are more inspirational. Not only bloggers, but also brands

such as Microsoft, Twitter, Instagram or Edding have spoken at the conference or held a workshop for our attendees.

Meet the first batch of speakers, with more to come. We are filling the last open spots with great people.

Ania Krasniewska: A blogger, a corporate consultant, a diplomat's wife and a mother of two...all monikers that follow me around as we travel the world in two to three year increments uncovering adventures both big and small, and discovering what it means to make a home away from home. Professionally, I'm an HR consultant working in both North America and Europe with some of the world's largest companies.  But personally, I fulfill a creative itch for writing, photography and community by penning two blogs: The New Diplomat's Wife, a lifestyle and travel blog, and A Toddler in the Trees, a parenting memoir about the decision to step away from traditional schools and educate our toddler in the woods in the forest school system.
We are currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark but there's always a chance you will find me at the airport somewhere between here and and the ever-present there.

The New Diplomat's Wife



Poppy Loves is a London blogger. As a born and bred Londoner herself, she writes about her home city with love and covers all aspects of city life, including food, theatre, music, fashion, coffee… and the little things only a local would know.

She is a brand and social media consultant and founder of Poppy Loves Book Club - a book club which sees women around the world all reading the same book at the same time and then coming online together, with the author, to discuss it.

My Little Box, our mission: brighten up everyday life. The starting point was breaking the newsletter code, with My Little Paris newsletter, that from a simple email sent to a group of friends grew into 2 million subscribers. Through complicity, involvement and virality, we developed into the mobile world and e-commerce with My Little Box.
Iwonka Bancerek, spent a big part of her life in Tokyo, 
Japan, consulting for start-ups and writing about fashion, luxury and beautiful destinations on her page Toteone.
Iwonka works for My Little Paris, in growth hacking, creating international strategic partnerships with brands; bloggers and designers. She finds synergies between countries, and cool ideas for contents and growth.

 Audrey Leighton is the girl behind, Frassy,  

a personal style story where she showcases the trials and tribulations of a 27 year old between the two cities of Paris and Barcelona alongside her ever expanding wardobe.




 Colleen Geske is the blogger and best-selling author behind the brand 'Stuff Dutch People Like’.  Originally from Canada, Colleen has called Amsterdam her home since 2004. Described as "blunt, provocative and wickedly funny" her original blog and books offer a satirical look at Dutch culture as seen through the eyes of an outsider. Stuff Dutch People Like has now grown into a lifestyle portal - with an expanded product-line- celebrating all-things-Dutch.  Colleen is passionate about building highly engaged communities, being a #girlboss,  and over-analyzing the behaviour of the two tiny people determined to take over her home.

Stuff Dutch People like


Jocelyn is a writer, blogger,  author and calm mind coach. Her mission is to share her personal story to encourage and support others who are on the journey to discovering who they are beyond the layers of makeup and clothing. In her book, Lost on the PGA and European Tours she shares in intimate detail how she lost her identity to a man and left her own passions and dreams to pursue his. After a devastating and heart opening divorce in 2011, she began her inward journey to discover a deeper meaning of life.  Jocelyn firmly believes that within every one is a door that when opened holds the answers one needs to know in order to live a successful, happy and joyous life. Today she lives in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona with her family which includes two whippets, Coolwhip and Popcorn.

The Inner Interior


Juliane is a professionally trained puppeteer and dollmaker from Berlin. Four years ago she moved from Germany to the south of Sweden. Following a long break and a detour to Instagram, she started blogging again in autumn 2015. In her online journal, Notes from Björkåsa, Juliane writes about her life in the countryside, dollmaking and about renovating an old farmhouse.
Notes from Björkåsa

Emily Quinton is a photographer, writer, blogger and maker. 


She has worked as a professional photographer for a decade. During that time she has done a wide variety of work – highlights would be shooting weddings for high profile clients including MPs and appearing on Channel 5's How to Take Stunning Pictures. Makelight is at the core of all the work that she does. She teaches and inspires students in her photography workshops, online and in person at the Makelight Studio in South London and through her weekly videos and blog posts.




Susan Hutchinson is an interior designer, blogger, twin mom, and hardcore Francophile. She currently lives in Philadelphia, but is always dreaming of France (and travels there often to visit family + friends). Fleurishing reaches a wide audience, and Susan has collaborated with and created original content for international brands such as airbnb + gapkids, among others.

Annalena grew up in the most south-western part of germany - not even 5 minutes away from the french border. She was always fascinated by other countries and cultures - so she went off to see the world whenever her studies of Political Science and International Terrorism gave her the time to. She traveled whole Europe, South Eastern Asia, the United States - and even settled for a year in Lisbon, Portugal. Spending the most perfect time in Portugal, Annalena started to discover her love for photography and more than that, started her first blog on Tumblr. Even though it took her an other 3 years to start her lifestyleblog Nummer Fünfzehn, today she makes a living off it. On her blog Nummer Fünfzehn, Annalena shares her love for Paleo Food, Interior and - of course - travel destinations all around the globe.
Nummer Fünfzehn

Tiffany Grant-Riley is a freelance interior stylist and editor of UK interior style blog Curate & Display. Writing from her 2m sq workspace in historic Rochester and surrounded by her urban jungle, Tiff  focuses on a simple, clean aesthetic inspired by Scandinavian design, with a strong emphasis on minimalism and slow living. She supports independent designer/makers through her work and was recently published by Callwey as part of a collaborative interiors book with 14 other interiors bloggers.  In autumn 2015 she co-founded Function+Form, an offline community in London, encouraging collaboration for creatives and design enthusiasts through beautifully styled gatherings. These focus on the work and creative processes of independent designer/makers.

Born and raised in Milan (Italy), Ilaria Fatone is a an Art Historian turned into a freelance interior stylist three years ago when she left hectic Paris to move to slow Aix-en-Provence, in Southern France. Curator of the interior and lifestyle blog, un due tre ilaria, she relays her passion for uncluttered spaces, urban jungle and clean design to give a new breath to modern interiors. 

Last summer she started running workshops on Minimalism and Slow Living in Southern France. She was recently published in an interior book by Callwey along with 14 other interior bloggers


Un due tre ilaria