Berlin 2015

Kick Off Event in the Digital Eatery by Microsoft

All attendees were invited to come to the kick off event in the Digital Eatery, which is run by Microsoft. In walking distance to the Brandenburger Tor, the weekend got started and attendees could get to know each other before the conference the next day.

Book Lounge

We wanted to give attendees the unique chance to look through all those fantastic books for, by and with bloggers that they have been reading about. Therefore we collected over 300 books for our book lounge, which was very well received.

Beauty Bar by Philips

Attendees had the chance to try out new products by Philips and also get a little make over from professional stylists.

Photo wall by Edding

Made with over 6000 pen caps, Edding created an amazing photo wall. Attendees took photos in front of it and also signed their names into the honeycombs.


For the second time in a row, Nutella has provided The Hive with its own jars.